Michelle believes that there is athleticism in everyone and that finding your inner athlete is a matter of believing in your own strength.


As you get stronger physically, strength of body will translate to strength of mind, and then to strength of soul. Through movement, you will learn to believe in yourself, to feel confident, and to know that you can tackle challenges even bigger than the weights you’re lifting in class.

  • Approach: Form, efficiency, and establishing the mind-body connection through kettlebells.

  • Form: Only when kettlebells are used properly can users gain maximum benefits. That’s why they appeal to Michelle, who always focuses on quality over quantity in her coaching. Ten perfect swings with a light weight is always better than powering through one hundred imperfect swings. This approach allows you to increase your athleticism and gain strength without injuring yourself in the process. At Michelle Henry Fitness, form is always first.

  • Efficiency: You don’t need a lot of space, equipment, or time to get fit with kettlebells. In fact, with one kettlebell, six moves, and just twenty minutes, you can achieve a full body workout. That’s what makes kettlebells the perfect fit for women who are juggling work, family life, and self care.  

  • Mind-Body Connection:  Learning the proper form for each kettlebell exercise requires mental awareness of your body. In this way,  kettlebells create balance by engaging both the body and the mind.