Michelle Henry may be small in stature, but she counts super-sized athletic events among her achievements: triathlons, competitive swimming,  Alpine skiing, and dragon boat racing, to name a few.  As a child, Michelle’s favorite class of the day was Physical Education and she decided during an elementary school kickball game that her size would not get in the way of her strength, determination, or performance. Michelle may have been picked last, but her classmates rarely regretted picking her. 

Born in Philadelphia and raised in the DC area, Michelle worked as an ICU nurse for ten years before becoming a personal trainer. Though she loved working as a nurse, she wanted to help people avoid the hospital altogether through better health and fitness.  Discovering kettlebells was a huge step toward realizing this goal. In 2015, Michelle gained her Russian Kettlebell Certification, an intense training program that truly tests the physical and mental grit of the trainees. After gaining RKC certification, Michelle began to use kettlebells as the primary method of training with her personal clients and also  incorporated kettlebells into  the “Warrior Training” class she led at a military gym in Japan.  It wasn’t long before Michelle realized she wanted to start a fitness program of her own, one that put kettlebells at the center of training.

At Michelle Henry Fitness, Michelle has created a community where women come to find their strength.  As Michelle often tells her clients, you may lose weight, but more importantly, you’ll gain confidence and a sense of well being.

When she’s not at the gym, you may find Michelle knitting, working on a new crockpot recipe, or tending to her garden. Michelle lives near the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband, a US Marine.

She can’t wait to join you in your fitness journey!